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Arsenic Remediation with Dried Plant

Soak Time Experiment

For the soak time experiment, we want to analyze for 2 things:

  • How many time can the adsorbent be reused?
  • And does it release arsenic back to the water over a period of time?

  • Water hyacinth and duckweed were selected as the adsorbents for this experiment.

    Water Hyacinth Duckweed

    We prepared 300gr of water hyacinth, it's then soak and re-soak in four separate 1-liter water at 200ppb contamination level at various time. The results are as follow:

    For water hyacinth, two quick conclusions can be drawn for this experiment. First, over a longer period of time, it does drastically reduce the arsenic contamination. Second, it can be reused however; the adsorption level is less each time. More tests are needed to further understand this experiment.